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Physicians Every Day

At CMG, we help you stay independent without sacrificing your high-quality patient care.

CMG Physician Benefits

By creating a vast network of appropriate and accessible care, CMG’s members are changing the way people perceive and think about health care.


Professional Partnerships

Our extensive clinical integration network includes insurance companies, community partnerships, and all major Connecticut hospitals, including Yale-New Haven Hospital, Greenwich Hospital, and Bridgeport Hospital.


Collaboration & Referrals

Our 1,000+ primary care and specialty physicians create an environment of collaboration and ease of bi-directional referrals, helping our members to deliver the highest quality of care to our patients


Financial Growth

Using our expertise in health care, we help our doctors with strategic and financial support, ranging from coding and billing to Value Based plans.


Physician Support

Our members support each other to collectively make every health care experience enjoyable, affordable, and personalized for patients.

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Reimagining Care with the Population Health Program

From enhanced outreach to quality-care plans, our Population Health Program supports every patient of CMG physicians in multifaceted ways.

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Data-Driven Care

With cutting-edge data analytics and predictive modeling, we provide you with a holistic view of your patients’ needs and establish an outreach schedule to improve their access to care.

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Care Coordinators

To ensure safe, timely, and cost-effective care for your patients, our Care Coordinators work with you to assess, plan, and monitor treatment across the health care continuum.

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Patient Navigators

In addition to coordinating follow-up appointments, Navigators identify and address any issues your patients might have with medication adherence or the treatment process as a whole.

"It’s incredible not being bound to a hospital but having partnerships with them, instead. CMG gives me the autonomy I need."

—Peter R. Cimino, MD

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