Benefits to Patients

Community Medical Group’s physicians are committed to providing patients with a comprehensive approach to managing their health. CMG physicians are patient centered and clinically focused in providing the highest quality healthcare in an appropriate, efficient and cost effective manner to improve and maintain the health of all our patients. CMG patients can take advantage of more preventive health measures, focused medication review and management, better coordinated care, and on-going communication between patient and physician. All of which are designed to significantly improve the patient experience.

CMG has a team of patient navigators that assist the physicians in transitioning patients from acute care/hospital stays to home. The navigators also assist patients with their healthcare needs. They will coordinate necessary services and share information to help patients navigate the healthcare system.

If needed, a Patient Navigator will contact you to assess your needs. This can include: calling providers for you, getting necessary equipment into your home and referrals for therapy services. By assisting CMG patients in this way, we are preventing duplicate services and coordinating your care so as to be sure your needs are taken care of.

Patient navigators ensure patients are seeing their physician and that services are being performed at the right time and in the right place. Our team of navigators will assist patients by addressing the following: care transition issues, access to care, reviewing preventive measures in the home, medication reconciliation, health education, and management of chronic health conditions.